Pura Vida

Meaning of pura vida style

                            Pura Vida! 

For Costa Ricans or (Ticos,) it is a term to say hello, to say goodbye, and to say everything is cool!!
Happiness, well-being, and a relaxed lifestyle is what “Pura Vida” is all about..

Sloth Inspired Beachwear

  Owners Racheal and Jason have lived in Costa Rica for more than 20 yrs. Most of those years were in the Caribbean town of "Walaba" or "Old Harbor" where sloths are everywhere and the main form of transportation is a bicycle.  At some point they came up with the idea of a sloth riding a bike on a tshirt. They started by printing a few tank tops at home. From there expanded to boutique shops all over Costa Rica. They are excited to be able to expand their offerings to include more products and start shipping outside Costa Rica. Now you can take a little Pura Vida home with you.


Sloth Toes + SloCo

Every purchase helps support the Sloth Conservation Foundation.

Elisabeth D.Laurel M.Meghan B.